Merry Christmas in French

Hey everyone, this is one more post on Merry Christmas in Different languages, trying to serve major language. I am here with Merry Christmas in French this time, to serve France Christians. It would be my pleasure if any one of you get some benefit from my this very website on Merry Christmas. Lets not waste our time, Here goes a big list of Wishes, greetings and translation to French for this Christmas.

Merry Christmas in French

If you have a French friend and wanna wish in French, then you must familiarize yourself with some of the facts and wishes. I would list few more wishes and phrases which would be useful for you to wish.
Joyeux Noël
The most widely used Merry Christmas is "Joyeux Noel". Let me give me brief explanation about the word. For understanding the meaning we should break the words and analyse each word. Joyeux is a word which signifies happy, joyous. Noel is a plain translation of Christmas to French.

Merry Christmas in French Pronunciation [Video]

French Christmas wishes | Messages

French: Je vous souhaite à tous les deux beaucoup de bonheur pour la nouvelle année.
Joyeux Noël
English: Wishing you both much joy in the New Year.
Merry Christmas
French: Meilleurs vœux pour la nouvelle année” 
English: Season’s Greetings and a Prosperous New Year
Je veux vous souhaiter à tous les deux un joyeux et heureux Noël.
Qu’en ce Noël et pour toujours, vous puissiez être comblés par les
joies de l’amitié et de la vie de famille ainsi que par le sentiment d’amour.
English : I want to wish you both a bright and happy Christmas .
This Christmas and always, may you be surrounded by the gift
of friendship, the joys of family, and the spirit of love.

Merry Christmas in French - Greetings

French Phrases | Wishes
French Phrase  English Translation
Meilleurs vœux Best Wishes
Joyeuses Fêtes Happy Holidays
la veille de Noël Christmas Eve
le sapin de Noël, l'arbre de Noël Christmas tree 
pudding de Noël Christmas pudding
repas de Noël Christmas lunch, Christmas dinner
la veille de Noël (on) Christmas Eve
qu'est-ce que tu veux pour Noël? what do you want for Christmas?
qu'est-ce que tu as reçu comme cadeaux de Noël? what did you get for Christmas?
passer (la) Noël1 en famille to spend Christmas with one's family
Bonne Année ! Happy New Year!

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